Exchange Database Recovery

Exchange Store is Dismounted, how do i mount the store?  :(

To resolve Exchange Store Dismount issue, I would suggest following steps,

Step 1:  First use eseutil /mh to confirm that it is in a dirty shutdown state

Also check for the “Log Required” Section And Make sure all the Required Log files indicated by above utility is available on the Location, ,if you have those log files required by eseutil /mh

Note : In case if you don’t have the backup of required log files then the only option left is repair the exchange database

Step 2: Perform soft recovery (Replay Logs) to bring the exchange database in clean shutdown state (Mountable State) :-

To Run soft recovery (replay log files)  ,

Go to Exchange Bin folder and run command (Before running the command move .chk file from the location)

ESEUTIL /r e00 /L[path to log files] /d[path to database file] /i


ESEUTIL /r e00 /Lf:\mdbdata /dg:\mdbdata /i

Note :- Before running Eseutil /R with the /I option is highly recommended that you make a backup copy of your transaction log files, especially in a scenario when you are recovering databases but you plan to use these log files in the future after you have restored the missing database file, as the use of Eseutil /r makes changes to your Transaction log files and may change them so that future recovery of your missing database files is impossible.

Steps 3 : Again run eseutil /mh and make sure exchange database is now in “Clean Shutdown State” and then mount the store

2) Exchange Database is ”Clean Shutdown :-

If the Database is clean shutdown then just mount the store ,In case if you Exchange Store is “Clean Shutdown” but still not getting mounted then please move all the log files ,.chk files to another folder and then try to mount the store

“CLEAN SHUTDOWN” means almost for sure there is no corruption

Note : If you are not able to mount Clean Shutdown database then only move the log files

3) Performing a Hard Repair

Performing a hard repair using eseutil /p will check the database for any damaged pages; if it finds any, it will delete them. Make sure that you can live without any data inside the database before doing a hard repair, because you may lose data. Also, make sure you have twice as much free space as the size of the database before doing a hard repair – this is required for the temporary database that will be created.

To perform a hard repair, use the

eseutil /p “database path” command,

see this article for more info:

Once this completes, you can use the eseutil /mh command to verify the database is clean shutdown

In case if the Exchange Store is “clean shutdown” but the same is not mounting then move the all the log files ,.chk files to another folder and then try to mount the store

4) In case your Exchange Database is Large then Database repaire would take a while ,to temporary restore mailflow you can use the dialtone of the database

Hope this article will help you to bring the exchange database in working state  :)

Please leave your feed back on this article for improvment ……

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